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You Rail, And the Road

“WE FOLLOW THE RAILROAD THROUGH the shrubbery. Every once in a while, there is a fallen tree, or a spiky plant growing thick and low, and we have to go around. I keep my eye on the tracks. I don’t want to get lost.”

I’ve been a fangirl of Calamari Press  since I took  Rob Walsh’s  fiction II class as a baby/undergrad.  We read Motorman by David Ohle and  The Singing Fish by Peter Markus.


Sea Monster

“The woods are heavy the way I can’t remember them and I’m counting deer to pass the time.  I count to seventeen, then I start again.  Seventeen, because that’s how many years she had and I guess something reset for me then too.

I’m up to nine this time when I hit the sea monster.”


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Contributors include: Joseph Aguilar, Matt Bell, Jon Cone, Sarah Rose Etter, A.T. Grant, Robert Lopez, Matthew Mahaney, Tom Whalen & other awesome people.

Caketrain 11



Alexey & Sam

“Alexey” (pg. 6) is a prose piece.  There is no story there.  A boy sitting on the curb calls a taxi.

“Sam tells me a story” (pg. 54) is a poem.  It is a true story.  My friend Sam generally hates poems, but said he liked this one.

 Bicycle Review

A Boy and His Sister

Written December 2008; published November 2009


— a girl falling into a well

–fire at a sunflower seed factory

–a plastic folding chair that a boy remembers


Got back from SLS Lithuania yesterday and felt like (re)posting this story.

I wrote the ending in the basement of the Alumni Center where I was paid to stuff envelopes, take inventory of paper, and forge signatures. I quit that job my senior year in college. Haven’t quit writing, yet.